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ETherapy is online based therapy that allows you to attend therapy via video calling, telephone chats and text messaging. Enjoy ETherapy from the comfort of your couch. It is HIPPA compliant and strictly confidential.  

"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly." — Henri Bergson

Alexis Johnson - Online Counseling Service Port Huron MI

Therapy to Embrace & Love Yourself

Life is to be lived. Stress, depression, issues with self-esteem, and anxiety are all part of life, but they don't have to be your life. Our online counseling service service in Port Huron, MI can help you whether you're struggling with a particular issue or just can't shake the feeling that there should be more to living. We provide a caring environment in which you can identify and explore issues that are getting in the way of self-love, awareness, acceptance, and growth. The goal is to help you develop the courage to let down walls to know, embrace, and love yourself.

We provide personal and private care that is tailored to your needs. Our counseling services services are offered in a professional and empathetic manner and seek to help guide you in enhancing your life. As one of the best local therapists, we also provide alcohol and substance abuse counseling for those struggling with their issues with external vices.

E-Therapy and Skype

We also offer the option of e-therapy and Skype sessions as part of our counseling. If you would like to know more about this service, please call us at (810) 662-0970 for details.


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About Us

Blue Water Serenity Counseling, PLLC (BWSC) is a counseling center in Port Huron, Michigan, that offers services to individuals and couples throughout the area. We help clients dealing with a number of problems including stress and anxiety disorders, depression, and self-esteem issues. We are headed by Alexis Johnson, LMSW, CADC, a clinical therapist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interventional therapy (MIT), adolescent and teen counseling, couples counseling, and alcohol and substance abuse counseling.

Mission Statement

The mission of BWSC is to provide counseling that empowers, educates, and guides individuals towards self-love, awareness, acceptance, and growth. At BWSC, we believe that all human capabilities can be developed and that all humans are capable of growth and change.

Helpful Online Counseling Service

We all go through times in our life where we need help. Whether it is a hard time at work, a break up with a loved one, or the death of a family member, there are many times when life is stressful or sad. However, there is always help when you need it from Blue Water Serenity Counseling, PLLC. We offer an online counseling service in Port Huron, MI. 

Through this service, we strive to deliver the personal care you need, while developing a therapy plan that works for you. The two main types of therapy we typically use are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interventional therapy (MIT). We use CBT to help you understand your thoughts and feelings and how they influence your behavior. This treatment is typically used to help with a specific issue. 

We use MIT to elicit behavioral changes within you to help you explore and resolve your issues. These adjustments can be challenging to make and require you to decide whether they’re right for you.

 Emotional Counseling Near Me

Because we do our counseling through online means, we are always near when you need us. We offer our sessions through video chats, telephone calls, and text messages. This allows you to reach us in a manner that is convenient for you and lets you be in a comfortable and safe place for your session.

Contact us when you need online counseling to help deal with your current situation.
We proudly serve Port Huron, MI, and the surrounding areas.

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